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Light Journey & Meditation
19:30-21:00, 25 April
at de Orbit, Odijkerweg 144, Zeist €18, or use your pass if you are a member.  
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Journeying is about looking within, sensing, and connecting with the elements, nature spirits, Light Beings, and the earth to receive answers, or just to experience a deeper connection with all Life. This session we will be connecting with the Spring Energy, the waxing Gibbous Moon, and the present universal energy currents. The meditation and journey will both be guided, and will be in the tradition of Shamanic Reiki. There will also be some gentle movement as a warm up. Shamanic journeying is an experience that involves lying down and allowing the body to fully relax as the mind 'journeys' to the sound of a drum beat. 
There may be a chance to share your experience with others or ask questions. All levels welcome.
Warrioress Exploration. 
This is a Circle experience for the woman who has completed Spiritual Warrioresses' Circle of Alchemy & Transformation. 

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Next Session: 18 May, 19:00- 22:00. 
Waterigeweg 6, 3704 CN
€15-€20 (or freely give what is energetically appropriate for you at this moment).
Women's Retreat
19 - 21 May, 2018 Doorn
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Women's Retreat
19 - 21 May, 2018 Doorn