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Radiant Heart Revolution
Michelle Christine Garza, Singer-Songwriter, Conscious Concerts and Events
Humee Hum Brahm Hum
Kundalini Yoga 'Soma'  with Karta Singh, Amsterdam, 2016
Throughout her life, Michelle Christine Garza’s opportunities to travel have been a central piece of her love affair with music-making and songwriting. A multitude of her writing has been inspired by the witnessing, reflecting upon, and reverence of Natural Beauty, her immersion in and observation of foreign cultures, and by countless months of time alone in nature-rich lands.

Paired with her studies in Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Kundalini (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) and Ashtanga (as taught by Baba Hair Dass) yogic training, and her consistent search for the Mystic, Michelle Christine’s study of the effectiveness of intentional sound has led her to realize her passion: to communicate with others from the heart through creativity, song and sound.

​Over the years, Michelle Christine's journey with music and healing sounds has taken her through stage performances, living room concerts, leading group singing classes for children with Makin' Music, Rockin' Rhythms (Media, PA), becoming a beloved vocal coach and piano teacher for all ages... and the most-intimate connection: singing to others and with others in a healing and yogic setting, with the specific intention to magnify light and send it to the world. 

Michelle Christine also continues to offer conscious concerts, as well as private vocal coaching with self-empowering and healing intention. She can be contacted directly about these offerings, as well as hiring for music at yoga events and workshops.

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He Maa Durga
Gratitude Tour, Malena, Driebergen, NL 2013
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