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Radiant Heart Revolution
Rejuvenation Intensive 
with Kundalini Yoga & Yoga Nidra (Awake Resting)
All levels welcome.
We will spend our time together with the energetic focus and intention of rejuvenation.
The yoga offered will be challenging and rewarding, yet accessible to all. 

It is necessary to first stimulate our energetic and physical body systems in order for our bodies to release tension, and our energy to deeply relax. Healing and rejuvenation is the result of several components... the primary of these being the breakdown and cleansing of static or old energy in order to create space for the new.
Date & Time: coming soon
Sign Up: 
Reserve your spot by transferring to

                                Radiant Heart Revolution
                                NL54 INGB 0689 6079 38 with the description of REJUVENATION INTENSIVE. 

Reservation and cancelation details here >>

-Snack provided.
-Please come with an empty stomach (eat lightly/vegetarian at least 2 hours before we gather).
-Bring a sheep skin and yoga mat if you have one (we have extra).
-Bring a blanket and/or warm sweater for yourself (no matter what the temperature is outside)!
-Please arrive 10-15 minutes before we begin, in order to settle in.

Questions? Please feel free to contact Michelle: info@radiantheartrevolution.com - +31611255969
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