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Radiant Heart Revolution

Our Circles are designed to support, hold and encourage that part inside of each of us who is READY. 

Most of us are hit over and over again with the crises that are afflicting the world as we know it... either in our own personal lives, our communities, or the larger community of our country and world. We can carry with us a sense of hopelessness or isolation, keeping us from living joyfully, and keeping us from getting clear on living our purpose(s). 

When you enter our first Circle, Spiritual Warrioresses' Circle of Alchemy & Transformation, you begin a process of transformation, and remember ways of being that are innate in us as women. It is an empowering process that naturally leads to further exploration.

With the Warrioress Exploration Circle (Circle Gathering), we enter an ongoing and relaxed format of coming together freely, when we feel called and are able, to continue to nurture the Warrioress within, and to continue to inspire our sisters, and be inspired by our sisters in Circle.

Coming Soon: Warrioress Journey.       Stay informed:

This is an extensive journey that any committed woman can join-- whether or not she has completed the Spiritual Warrioresses' Circle of Alchemy & Transformation. It will be an in-depth 9 month, or year-long program designed to revolutionize our perception of ourselves, the world around us, and what we as individuals, and as a community of women, can co-create and manifest together-- for the sake of future generations and humanity. The program is founded on the belief that by transforming our 'lead to gold' within ourselves--healing ancestral conditioning and societal influence/expectation--and creating space inside of ourselves to nurture and support the 'wild woman' and pure heart within, we change the entire evolution of humanity. A small, obtainable project with huge results. It is time to empower the woman, and together grow the world we long for.  

The Warrioress programs will continue to develop and evolve as the desires and intentions of participating women evolve.
Each program has strong elements of yoga, talking circle, native american wisdom teachings, wilderness mentoring (awareness skills through engagement in nature) song, dance, tibetan buddhist meditation techniques, and shamanic healing techniques... there will be much emphasis on, and exploration of, our connection with the earth and all living things. While the program can be challenging physically, it will be able to accomodate any woman who is ready to answer the call of her True Heart.
Who is a Warrioress?  The woman who is ready to feel, know & stand in her truth unapologetically.
For she who is willing to release her fears and land in the softness of sisterhood, beyond limiting beliefs and old paradigms. For she who chooses to trust her own heart, intuition & courage. For the woman who is ready to move into the Unknown & discover, create, and explore.

For the woman who wishes to feel that she is, as herself, and in her daring heart connection with others, the answer to the need of humanity to shift into a new world paradigm that is abundant, inclusive and honoring of Life. 
Let the Wild Woman sing her song a million years old. 
Let her storm the calloused walls of civilization built around her wild, untamed heart.
Let the Wild Woman dance the way a wild human moves--beyond the protocol of cultures; 
Let her move to the earth's rhythm and beat.

Let the Wild Woman cascade from your skin, letting all pretense go. 
Trust her to show you the woman you are underneath your ancestors' woes.
Let the Wild Woman be.
Let her roar in her freedom and ignite the coal of your soul.

Let her sizzle and snap and explode

Out of the confines of too little time and too much societal stress.
Let her do what she does best.
Let your Wild Woman go!
Let her go!

Let her express

what you feel before you understand it.
Let her know her belonging
Let her fight for you, 
For this earth.
For the many peoples of the planet...
and us humans too.
"It was such a pleasure to be part of Michelle's Women's Circle... [she] is so good in creating the right energy and holding space. ...It felt... safe to be vulnerable, to open up, to share... with her and the other beautiful and courageous women. It has given me...much strength, courage, joy and happiness. I feel very inspired and much more authentic. And the process still continues... X Marjon" -Marjon, Spiritual Warrioresses' Circle of Alchemy & Transformation graduate, 2017.
"Participating in the circle was of great importance for me and my journey. The warm, caring and dedicated way Michelle created this circle of womanhood [made it a really] safe place to open up. It was a beautiful way of connecting with and to my soul. Sisterhood as a helpful hand and a warm blanket to unfold in a very safe space. Michelle is multitalented and offers her whole person to your unwinding....
If you long for a journey that brings you closer to your soul, feel lucky that Michelle came across your path!" -S. Spiritual Warrioresses' Circle of Alchemy & Transformation graduate, 2015
"I have seen Michelle throughout the years growing into [a] self-aware woman who is radiant...and devotes her time to love, transformation and being authentic. [She is someone who] walks her talk. [She is] a healer and teacher who is helping others to be authentic and [to] reflect the value that each person has for the greater good of all." -E., Older 'Sister' & graduate of Spiritual Warrioresses' Circle of Alchemy & Transformation, 2016
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