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About Rukaiya

(Michelle Christine)


Rukaiya has been working creatively with individuals and groups through the healing arts, yoga, meditation and counseling for 19 years. Beginning in 2000, she has lived and worked in various places in the world where she studied Tibetan buddhist meditation, shamanic healing, Ashtanga & Kundalini yoga, Shamanic Reiki and Shamanic Practices from several cultures around the world, organic and sustainable farming, and various emotional and energetic healing tools. Rukaiya has had the great joy of applying all she has gathered and learned over the years as a volunteer in emergency crisis situations, in working with children with special needs and behavioral issues, and with people who are seeking to empower and awaken their lives.

Rukaiya's two greatest loves/inspirations are a healing relationship with the living earth and exploration with conscious music/sound. Part of her studies in Creative Arts Therapy included an in-depth study of Cymatics, Vibrational Medicine and Sound Healing, which led her to an extraordinary experience in field research with the last aboriginal shaman ('Mun') of the Lepcha tribe in the Himalayas in 2005. Rukaiya has been writing songs and performing for well over 20 years; each year and each experience bringing her to a deeper level of understanding of the powerful and lasting effect that gratitude and generosity, combined with the vibration of the voice, has in a group dynamic. 


After over two decades of working with people in a healing and yogic capacity, Rukaiya understands that her passionate love for the Earth can be shared and expanded by traveling deeply with groups of people; her joy is found in creating a safe container where people can come into relationship with their authentic selves, and allow their own higher self to guide them in their personal journey. She experiences that as she gets closer to her own heart within her heart, she also grows closer to the Earth, and the Divine... as they are, in the end, all One.

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