Yoga Classes & Events

We believe that yogic practices, such as pranayama, asana, kriya, meditation, mudra & mantra are an integral part of living a Radiant Life. Our events and programs always include, or focus on, some aspect of Yoga.


Yoga, meaning 'to Yolk' or 'Unite,' is in actuality any disciplined path that takes the practitioner on a journey of expanded awareness. The state of complete Awareness and the state of Yoga are one and the same.

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Group Yoga Sessions in Krommenie at

Super Moon Equinox celebration of Light

Yin Yoga - Weekly on Tuesdays 19:00 - 20:15 and 20:20 - 21:30

Class Descriptions


Kundalini Yoga is a yoga of awareness and transformation. It encourages us to break free of our self-limiting habits and experience our own radiance, which we can then share with the world. Class begins with 'tuning in' by chanting, followed by warm-ups, and the main yoga set, or "Kriya." (A kriya is a complete, intentional set of specific postures, chanting, mudra and pranayama; kriyas have varying lengths and rigorousness. Most times they produce a sweat, and challenge both our bodies and minds. However, these exercises are designed so that all people can experience them, regardless of our level of physical health.) The session finishes with Relaxation, oftentimes with live music, and then a Meditation. We complete the experience with the blessing song (The Long Time Sun Shine Song). “Just as all rivers end up in the ocean, all yoga ends up raising the kundalini. What is kundalini? It is the creative potential of the human being.” -YB Class is taught in English.



A great way to release the day and enter a calmer mind-state before bed. 

This is a traditional, meditative yin class. We enter into the session with our muscles cold, so that the deep fascia of the body can be stretched. Postures are held between 3 - 7 minutes (for a total of 5 - 7 postures per session) in order to support the body in releasing deeply. We work with our breath and with the intention that stillness can bring profound relaxation, healing and awareness. This class is appropriate for all levels, and can be adapted for the person with physical limitations. Live music/sound healing may be played. Sometimes there will be a meditation with or without mantra at the end of class after relaxation. Class is taught in English.

Check out our Yogic Support page where we offer written kriyas and meditations,

as well as livestream and video classes to support you!


Women's Circle Gatherings

In the tradition of Abenakee & Lakota Native American practices, with inclusiveness of all sacred traditions

Our first gatherings will be an open talking circle for women. This is a safe space that we gather together in, bringing our trust and our open hearts. We understand that what each woman shares is confidential and kept sacred to this one moment in time. We will smudge ourselves (cleanse with sage or other healing and purifying herbs by burning them), lay an alter down in the center, and sit in a circle around the alter with each other. The atmosphere is ceremonial and also relaxed. Laughter and tears are welcome. Traditionally this is called a 'talking circle,' however it is much more a 'listening circle.' When it is our turn to speak, if we choose to speak, then everyone is listening to us, without responding. When it is the next person's turn to speak, we are simply deeply listening with our hearts, without responding. In this way, Great Spirit moves through each of us, cleansing our hearts, bringing clarity and inspiration. 

Limited Space.

Contact Elrieke to register at

Contact Rukaiya for questions about the event at

We come together to share from our hearts, to create a sacred space together, to learn from being together, to listen, to empower ourselves, to connect with our deepest wisdom, to replenish, to vibrate our true essences, to feel the earth's song in our hochoka (the circle, the center, the void).



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