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Yoga Programs & Events 

Check out our Yogic Support page where we offer a kriyas and meditations to support you.

We believe that yogic practices, such as pranayama, asana, kriya, meditation, mudra & mantra are an integral part of living a Radiant Life. Our events and programs always include, or focus on, some aspect of Yoga.


Yoga, meaning 'to Yolk' or 'Unite,' is in actuality any disciplined path that takes the practitioner on a journey of expanded awareness. The state of complete Awareness and the state of Yoga are one and the same.

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27 March 2020 - 19:30-21:00

I Am Yoga, Krommenie

Kundalini Yoga Journey with Live Music Donation Event - No sign up necessary


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Our Second Kundalini Yoga event at I Am Yoga! This evening's journey is dedicated to stress reduction and strengthening our electromagnetic field so we are immune to outside influences and illnesses, both on energetic and physical levels.  Addressing this theme, we will participate in a specific Kriya (set of asana postures, mudras, movements, pranayama, and mantra) and then finish with Yoga Nidra (deep conscious relaxation that allows the body to go into rest and repair mode). Please wear loose, comfortable clothing (if possible, non-synthetic), bring a water bottle and a sheep skin if you have one. This journey involves physical movement and meditation. It is offered at an intermediate level of practice, however easily adjustable for newcomers and beginners.


Questions about the practice: Rukaiya at

Questions about the studio: Elrieke at

        Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Journey with Live Music - Donation Event

           No sign up necessary - Details coming...


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