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The 8 Stages of Healing

How all stagnant energy is transformed.

Most of us are familiar with the well-known 5 stage healing process that is readily used in programs such as alcoholics anonymous. But Rukaiya has experienced that beyond Acceptance we can continue to heal, attaining higher frequencies of wellness in our internal state, all the way to the full recovery of our cells.

8 Stages of Healing


1. Denial

2. Anger

3. Bargaining

4. Depression

5. Acceptance

6. Light Emerging

7. Creation of a New Life

8. Attunement with the Infinite


Sessions Currently Available with Rukiaya via *Zoom/Skype:


During individual RHS sessions we are working one-on-one to unveil and release stored emotionally charged memories that have created unhealthy patterns in us over time. The process primarily includes the use of deductive reasoning and intuition by the facilitator. The client is guided throughout the session in breath work and repeating statements of forgiveness and affirmation, and often times, additionally, movement and vocalizing sounds, or visualizations, are guided in order to 'shift' through the Eight Stages of Healing. 

Depending on the issue(s) and intentions of the client, one session may be enough, or several sessions may be needed.  Other techniques are often used by the facilitator during sessions in conjunction with the above-mentioned techniques, per the comfort and benefit of the client. Sessions last approximately 1 hour. €60/$60. First session or extended session is 90 minutes, €90/$90


This deep and holistic form of multi-layered transformational healing, which is innate in all of us, combines two naturally congruent healing modalities (Shamanism & Reiki) to support the individual in a uniquely personal process of connection with Source energy and the elements. Shamanic Reiki goes beyond the mind and mental activity, and connects directly with energy, body, and soul consciousness.


Sessions vary in length of time and tools used, depending on the need of the individual. All sessions are fully clothed, usually on a comfortable floor cushion. The use of plants, flowers, earth, stones, water, candles, and other elemental tools can be expected, as well as, when needed, singing, chanting or other vocal sounds by the practitioner. Often the practitioner will ask the client to participate in the process, to the degree the client is comfortable. This is an integrated process which draws on the ancient knowledge of human beings who, over the ages, have studied and connected with the earth, the elements, the cosmos, their own intuition, and with each other in order to discover ways to move energy, to clear seemingly un-clearable blocks in a person's health, and to live triumphantly and radiantly, with certitude in one's path and purpose. 


Rukaiya has had the great blessing in her life to study in the Himalayas with the last shaman of the aboriginal Lepcha people. She has also been afforded the incredible luck and circumstance to meet, observe, deeply connect with, and be worked on by several shamans from all backgrounds--from Siberian Shamans who stayed with her in her home, to Indian, Inuit & Native American shamans/medicine people...all varying greatly in their personalities and gifts, but with one very simple, crucial thing in common: The understanding that when we as human beings engage in a loving, honoring and reverent symbiotic relationship with our earth, we are healthy, vibrant and truly human.

To read more about Shamanic Reiki from the woman/team that trained Rukaiya in her Shamanic Reiki Masters, visit:

Sessions are 90-120 minutes. €120/$120 

*A special request can be made for an in-person session of Shamanic Reiki. Price upon request, determined by location and travel costs/time.

 "Her ability to support deep and powerful transformation is beyond words, her mere presence is transformative...".

- Tara L. Robinson, Author of  The Ultimate Risk, 7 Mysteries to Unlock Your Passion and Purpose 

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