Creative Arts Therapy

with Radiant Heart Revolution

Radiant Heart Revolution's mission is in its name: a revolution of people who are radiant and open-hearted. We believe in creating situations, disciplines, experiences and an environment in which people can thrive, and connect deeply and authentically with all parts of themselves... and with their own radiant nature. 

A song (co-)created by a youth with high-functioning Autism during a day session with Radiant Heart Revolution:

Lyrics, vocals and music by Djamilo de Glas and Rukaiya, founder or RHR (Rukaiya goes by the music name Michelle Christine Garza)

This is a sample of how we can work and create together with our incredible clients... much happens through the creative process... there is a chance to tap into other sides of ourselves and explore who we are without judgment or limitations.

What to do with the diagnosis... and the aftermath?

When someone in our family, or we ourselves, have been diagnosed with an illness, syndrome, behavioral, physical or developmental disability, the diagnosis itself can be debilitating, and we can suddenly feel limited in our lives, even besides the actual illness or issue. We can forget that we are not the diagnosis itself, and we do not need to see ourselves solely under the lens of the diagnosis. There are ALWAYS ways to move beyond, and truly work with a limitation.


Radiant Heart Revolution unites with individuals, youth and families in a creative and playful systematic way to ensure stability, self-confidence, growth and development. Creative Arts Therapy applies countless creative tools and imagination to support physical, mental and behavioral care and improvement for those in need. 

Do You Want to Know More?

A few of the tools we use in Creative Arts Therapy include music therapy, art therapy, play/theatrics, kundalini yoga and meditation, nature therapy, dance therapy, and more.

Please contact Rukaiya (Michelle) about your specific situation to see if Creative Arts Therapy is for you/your family: